Class Info

The classes that we offer are Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Gymnastics, Hawaiian (ages 6 and up), Contemporary (ages 10 and up), Hip-Hop (ages 8 and up), Adult Hip-Hop, Adult Tap, and Floor Barre! Classes are offered to children ages 4 (by Sept. 1, 2020) and up. The classes will be once a week and will last for 30-45 minutes, depending on the age group and number of children in the class. We also offer solo and duet classes, email Trisha for more information on solos and duets.


Our schedule will follow the school schedule (no school means no classes). If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, make-up classes will be arranged, if at all possible. If your child misses more than 8 classes from September - May, due to vacations, sports (games), or illnesses, it will be the instructor’s decision whether or not the student will be allowed to participate in the recital. A phone call or formal note (doctor note) from a parent explaining why your child was absent will be kept on file and if more than 8 classes are missed, the instructor will then take into consideration all communication from the parents. If your child does not participate in class due to sports schedules, family vacations, and/or parents' choice, monthly tuition must still be paid by the 1st of the month.

Tuition Fees

  • 1 Class/wk $40/Month
  • 2 Classes/wk $75/Month
  • 3 Classes/wk $110/Month
  • 4 Classes/wk $145/Month
  • 5 Classes/wk $180/Month
  • 6 Classes/wk $215/Month


  • 7 Classes/wk $250/Month
  • 8 Classes/wk $285/Month
  • Family Plan $325/Month

Registration Fee $25 per child

Class Requirements

Each student will be required to wear leotards and tights as well as proper dance shoes for their assigned classes. Gymnastics students will need footless tights and no shoes. No one will be permitted into dance class without proper dancewear and their hair pulled up properly. Students must NOT wear jewelry to class and all cell phones must be turned off during class. If you need something ordered, please let me know.


Orders for costumes must be placed in December to ensure they will be delivered on time and altered for pictures and the recital. The price range for all costumes with tights, depending on the class they are in, are listed below. You will receive a notice stating the amount of your child’s costume for each class they participate in. Please start setting money aside so that everyone is able to get an outfit and participate in the recital. If I do not receive the money by the deadline, then I will not be ordering your child a costume for the recital. If you plan on sending the payment with your child to class and your child is sick that day, please call me (leave a message) and drop it in the mail so I can still plan on ordering that costume.

• Ballet & Contemporary: $50-$65 
• Jazz & Hip-Hop: $40-$50
• Tap: $50-$60
• Gymnastics: $40-$50
(Occasionally there are extras with the costumes that could cost an extra $10-$15)

If your child needs shoes for the upcoming dance season, please contact me to arrange for a time to be fitted so your child can be prepared for the first day of classes. I will check everyone's shoes in the second week of January and send home a notice if your child will need new shoes for the recital. If your child needs a new pair, then you will need to pay for the shoes in the third week so I can place the order in the last week of January.